Is Your Real Estate In India


OR Profitable ?

Meet Dhananjai Agarwal

Hi, I’m Dhanajai Agarwal, a serial entrepreneur who is passionate about making life easier for NRIs. I graduated from IIT-Delhi, but my passion for business and finance led me to attain degrees from FMS, Delhi University, and XLRI, Jamshedpur. I moved abroad soon after completing my education and became a reputable multi-business owner. Having spent most of my life outside India and navigating the complexities of real-estate management, taxes, and compliances, I deeply understand the worries of the Indian diaspora.

After rigorous research, consultation with experts, and personal experience as well as those of others in the diaspora, I’ve discovered effective strategies to turn your real-estate back home from a burden to a profit. These exact solutions helped me turn my ancestral property with an annual cost of $150K to a source of annual income of $1mn. My motto is simple: “In real-estate, if you want to turn your burdens into profitable assets, you need to start by managing them well.”

Now, I’m on a mission to help
NRIs navigate real-estate challenges with practical solutions.

Why I’m Doing What I’m Doing

Because 85% of NRIs are caught in a loop of
problems they’re unable to get out of.

Lack of Professional Management:

Property entrusted to relatives/brokers/parents often faces mismanagement.

Maintenance Struggles:

Lack of maintenance and care leads to damage to the property and costly repairs.

Legal Complications:

Incomplete or missing documents can cause problems while selling/renting out the property.

Wasted Trip to India:

Valuable time and money are wasted in banking, documentation, and other formalities.

The Result?

More money is wasted in property and maintenance than what is earned.

Instead of becoming a passive source of income, it becomes a passive source of stress.

In my upcoming book, “NRI Guide To Manage Real Estate In India,” I talk about how to maximize revenue and minimize hassles.

This comprehensive A-Z guide is meticulously crafted to empower all NRIs interested in real estate in India. It offers essential do’s and don'ts, expertly navigating property ownership, maintenance, and sale, while ensuring complete tax compliance and resolution of related matters.

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Make Your NRI Life Stress-Free By Following These 3 Simple Steps

1. Create a checklist.

Make a list of all the tasks you have in India, right from property matters, taking care of parents, maintenance, legal issues, and taxes.

2. Seek expert advice in all fields.

Stop doing it through anybody and everybody. You’ll get maximum ROI only when you’re working with the right people.

3. Know the right laws.

Doing wrong things can make you more loss than profit. You’ve to be legally strong and follow the right way when it comes to taxation.

How Can I Help You?

If you’re an NRI with real-estate in India, my expertise and knowledge can help find the solutions you’re seeking.


Know about the right investment strategies for optimal returns, whether through rentals or sales.


Learn how to ensure legal compliance, proper documentation, and efficient property management.


Learn how to maximize returns and minimize risks with market insights and property management tips.

Don’t just focus on managing.
Focus on building profitable assets hassle-free.

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